Never Again. Never Forget. Honoring the innocent lives lost in the Holocaust. Give Today.

The Holocaust Garden of Hope in Kingwood, Texas illustrates for children and youth the experiences of children and youth during the Holocaust in Nazi ghettoes, concentration camps and other European locations using painting, sculpture, music, and physical structures in a way that honors those who survived, serves as memorial to the victims, educates the public, and compels visitors to say, “Never Again!” in their own communities.


The Holocaust Garden of Hope is a worthwhile investment of your finances, resources, ideas, and talents. This historic, educational, and meaningful project will highlight the experiences of children during the Holocaust and educate our children and grandchildren to become an UPSTANDER.

Join us in honoring the memories of the innocent lives lost in the Holocaust and inspiring a new generation to be Upstanders against antisemitism, bigotry, and persecution.


“My grandmother narrowly escaped the Holocaust with her life as a child. I support the Holocaust Garden of Hope in memory of all the other children, who did not survive.”

“Antisemitism is on the rise today and now more than ever, we need to remind people of the atrocities of the Holocaust because we promised, “never again.” That’s why I support the Holocaust Garden of Hope.”

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